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With the addition of a Fold-A-Way Crane to your vehicle you can now do work that had required extra manpower and/or equipment

YOU can do it FASTER and SAFER with less risk of injury

The Fold-A-Way Crane is more than just a bolt-on accessory - It is a tool! Actually it is 5 tools in one that are always ready and available when itís time to work or itís time to play.

Itís a:
  • CRANE - Electric powered, lifting capacity up to 1 ton
  • BUMPER - Bolt-On Step Bumper for storing of the crane
  • HITCH - Class 3 Factory installed Receiver for towing
  • WINCH - Rear Mounted Winch - pulling capacity to 8000
  • MAN-LIFT - OSHA approved MAN-LIFT for confined space rescue

    The vehicleís existing 12 volt electric system provides all the power. There is NO other power source source required. YOU are always in constant control with the hand held Remote Control.

    Continuous 360į manual rotation is achieved on Environmentally Sealed Needle and Thrust Bearings. This allows you complete control to place loads up to 1 ton exactly and effortlessly where needed.

    Vehicle stability is obtained through an adjustable Fold Down Outrigger. For operation on excessively harsh or unleveled terrain, an Optional Removable Crank Down Outrigger is available to aid in the leveling of the Crane.

    For your trailering needs, a Class 3 factory installed 2" Receiver Hitch is standard equipment on all A-Series, V-Series and S-Series Bumper Cranes.

    The Crane, Winch and Hitch are all contained with the bolt-on Step Bumper...Itís not just a BUMPER; itís one of the strongest and heaviest built Bumpers on the market today. The Crane is manufactured in accordance to the applicable ANSI Standards for Mobile Cranes.

    With the easy to follow Installation Instructions,the crane can be easily installed using ordinary hand tools.

    All of the above features are available for mounting to your Mini, Mid and Full Size Pickups, Vans, and Service Body's. The Fold-A-Way Crane can also be installed on the back of a Flat Bed Truck or into the Truck Bed. Cranes for Vans, Service Body's and Flat Beds, are custom manufactured to conform to the width of the body and/or the door size.

    There are 12 Models of the CRANES to chose from, with lifting capacities ranging from 750# to 2000# and winching capacities up to 8000#

    The Bumper Crane gives you all the benefits offered with a bed mounted crane without the inconveniences normally associated with them. The Bumper Crane requires NO bed space, NO reinforcing of the bed or of the frame. NO suspension modifications, and NO additional power supply is required,yet providing you with the ability to lift up to one ton, winch up to 8000#, and for trailering a Class 3 Receiver.

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