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A large municipal authority in southeast Pennsylvania recently solved their maintenance and flooding problems at their largest remote sewage pumping station. The existing pumps, while less than 5 years old, had become a maintenance issue due to constant mechanical failures. The manpower and parts expenditures required for pump repairs was increasing, as was the need for additional flow capabilities to accommodate future growth and infiltration. It was determined by the Authority and their Consulting Engineer that an upgrade to larger, more reliable pumps was the most cost effective solution to their ongoing problems.

When the time came to select a new pump supplier,Mid Atlantic Pump was the obvious choice because other successful installations at the Submersible Pumps Authority’s wastewater treatment facility. The raw sewage influent pump station at the Authority’s treatment plant contains two (2) (16"discharge) 150 HP vertical line-shaft driven sewage pumps that were installed as part of the plant upgrade. Each pump is sized for a full speed design point of 8,600 GPM at 56' TDH, and have been operating with no pump-related downtime since their original installation in 1992.

The Authority’s Consulting Engineer conducted an extensive evaluation of the existing pump station infrastructure and its present (and future) flow requirements. The submersible pumps were selected as the basis of design due to their proven track record of performance and reliability. The Engineer specified Model 8815 (8" discharge) submersible sewage pumps based upon a thorough review

of the pump station flow characteristics and existing space limitations.

The pump station is a four (4) pump system (3 operating, 1 standby) and each pump is sized for variable speed operation with a full speed design point of 2,335 GPM at 154' TDH, 150 HP. The maximum station flow is 10.0 MGD with three (3) pumps operating in parallel at 100% speed. Normal operation, however, is approximately 1.0-2.0 MGD (at 40-50% speed) so careful consideration was given to maintaining high pumping efficiencies throughout the operating range for economical VFD operation.

In addition to the installation of the submersible pumps and lift-out guide rail assemblies, the upgrade also included a new pump control system, variable frequency drives (VFD), and various other improvements. The pumps were installed in May, 1996 and have performed successfully with no downtime or flooding, even during the heavy rain storms that dumped 6" of rain during a 1-2 hour period.

These pumps are available in many different configurations including vertical dry pit (close coupled, flexible coupled, and line-shaft driven), horizontal dry pit, dry pit submersible (in-air), wet-pit submersible (submerged), and suspended wet-pit. Pumps range in size and capacity up to 20,000 GPM, with special wet-end designs (single vane, multi vane, vortex, mixed-flow) and various metallurgies (hi-chrome, stainless, Ni-Hard) for unique or demanding applications.

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