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Power Plant Turns To Vortex Impellers To Solve maintenance Problem


A large utility company supplying electricity to the Delaware Valley installed a Vertical Cantilever Pump in their number one contamination sump in June of 1993.Recessed Impeller All existing pumps had become a maintenance nightmare with suction and casings constantly needing repair due to plugging of waste water products. The pump has a design condition of 230 GPM @ 54 ft. TDH.

The cantilever pump with a recessed impeller was installed and tested extensively including operating the unit at complete shut off conditions for 4 hours. All plant and operations personnel were pleased with the units performance and subsequently installed a second pump approximately one year later.

In 1997 the first pump was pulled and examined at the maintenance shop to determine if any wear had occurred after several years of service. The unit had not been pulled for any service prior to this. An inspection of the pump revealed that wear was negligible and no replacement parts were required.The elapsed time meter for the pump indicated it had run 17,090 hours.

The second pump is programmed to start after each pump cycle thereby alternating with the first pump. Both pumps see mixtures of plant floor waste, coal pile runoff, ground water, MGO scrubber waste and some fly ash. There has been no downtime since their original installation in 1992.

These cantilever pumps are available in many different styles for slurry and solids handling applications.All styles are available with the patented agitator used for the most difficult applications.

Pumps range in size from 2" to 10" with heads ranging in excess of 200 Ft. High chrome iron construction is available as standard for most sizes and styles.

These pumps perform exceptionally Recessed Impeller well in the most difficult applications found within a power plant. Typical applications include coal pile runoff and coal conveyor sumps, bottom ash hoppers, boiler room washdown,lime slurry transfer, thickener underflow systems, and hydrobin sumps as well as many others.


Since these pumps were installed and put into operation 8 years ago, only bearings,lip seals and an impeller have been replaced(one time).

There are no bearings or seals below the suspension plate and impellers are receseed out of the flow of any impinging materials.

Exceptionally long life is the norm for these rugged pumps.

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