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A Series Bumper Mounted Crane Small
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Fold Away Bumper Crane

Easy Installation

Three Sizes to Choose From:
  • 750 Lb
  • 1350 Lb
  • 2000 Lb
  • Uses 12 VDC battery power from truck

    Features Baked Powder Coat finish, gloss black 

    The Crane shall be a fold a way bumper mounted type, 77" wide for mounting to Full-Size Pickups.

    A -750-Lifting capacity of 750 lbs.
    A- 1350-Lifting capacity of 1350 lbs.
    A -2000-Lifting capacity of 2000 lbs.

    The Boom shall be a fixed position boom with a overall height of 77"(73" for A-750) from top of bumper.
    The Boom shall have a fixed length of 45"
    The Crane shall have 360 degree continuous manual rotation on machined surfaces, with two needle bearings and one thrust bearing, that are environmentally sealed.
    The Hoist Motor shall be 12 volt D.C. powered, with a dual internal breaking system. Hoist shall have power up and power down.

    A-750- 25' x 3/16" diameter galvanized aircraft quality cable and a safety hook.
    A-1350- 25' x 3/16" diameter galvanized aircraft quality cable and a safety hook.
    A-2000- 50' x 7/32" diameter galvanized aircraft quality cable and a safety hook.

    A Hand Held Pendant Control, 10 feet in length, shall be furnished for controlling the hoisting function. It shall also be 12 volt D.C. powered. Pendant Control shall be weather resistant, with a solid rubber insulated grip.
    The Power Source shall be the vehicle's own 12 volt D.C. battery.
    The Crane shall have a permanently attached swing down adjustable outrigger, to increase stability and reduce the loading to the vehicle's suspension.
    The Bumper Shall have a factory installed Class 3 Receiver type hitch. This Hitch is rated at 5000 lbs. of drawbar pull and 1000 lbs. vertical Hitch load. (Vehicle's rated towing capacity may be less).
    The Crane shall be provided wit all necessary wiring, brackets, fasteners, and hardware, for bolt on mounting to the vehicle's frame.
    The Crane shall be pre-wired from the factory and tested. The Cranes entire electrical system shall be circuit breaker protected.
    The Crane shall be designed and manufactured according to the applicable ANSI standards for mobile cranes. The Crane shall be clearly marked wit Maximum Load and Warning Decals.
    The Crane shall be certified for use as a Man-Lift for all personnel hoisting requirements of confined space activity. (To be used as a Man-Lift, the Crane shall be equipped with the optional Rotation Lock and shall not be equipped with the optional Free-Wheeling.)
    The Bumper shall be tubular steel construction.
    The Mast shall be seamless DOM tubing with a strong back.
    The Boom shall be formed from 1 piece of 3/16" ASTM A572 Grade 50 High Tensile Steel.
    All Sheaves shall be steel with replaceable oil-impregnated bushings.
    All Sheave Pins shall be made from plated stress proof steel.
    The Crane shall be furnished with detailed Installation Instructions, Operation and Safety Instructions, Parts Lists, and Maintenance Instructions.
    The Crane shall have a baked powder coat finish, gloss black.
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