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load rating (lb)                      drum capacity1
gear ratio output rpminput horsepwroutput torqueoutput rpminput horsepwroutput torque
wt. lb
handle weight
46H115:1------8 lb3 lb
47H124:1------18 lb3 lb
48H126:1------55 lb5 lb
46P20:15 rpm.10hp750 lb-in.29 rpm.41 hp580 lb-in.5 lb-
47P32:13.1 rpm.09 hp1089 lb-in.18 rpm.39 hp880 lb-in.17 lb-
48P62:11.62 rpm.17 hp4000 lb-in.9.35 rpm.82 hp3590 lb-in.50 lb-
1Actual drum capacities may be 25-30% less, due to non-uniform winding. Tension in the wire rope will also affect drum capacity.
  Open Gear Worm Gear Hand Winch

Model 47P
Model 47P

Machine Cut Spur Gears provide accurate operation and long lasting service.

Enclosed Oil Bath provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear. P Series includes oil seals to keep oil in and contaminants out.

Corrosion Resistant durable paint finish protects against corrosion in harsh environments.

Bronze Bearings on input and output shafts of P Series Reducers provide smooth and efficient operation. Models 47P and 48P include ball thrust bearings on the input shaft. H Series Reducers operate without bearings.

Handle Assemblies are available for H Series. 
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