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  FE Myers Model WG30H/WG50H/WG75H Grinder Pumps

WG30H/WG50H/WG75H Grinder Pumps
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Ideal For Use In Pressure Sewer Systems, Collection
systems, or small commercial developments

Packaged Systems Available for Commercial,Municipal or
Industrial use

Oil Filled heavy duty motor

Available in 3,5 and 7 1/2 HP sizes

Dual Mechanical Seals with standard seal leak probes

On-winding heat sensors for motor protection

Avaialble in Simplex,Duplex, or Triplex Configurations

Optional Explosion Proof Design for Class 1,Group D,Div 1

Motors available in single phase, three phase, 50 or 60 hz.

Custom controls and telemetry systems to meet your
exact requirements

Shredding ring and grinder impeller replaceable without
dismantling pump

Bronze Recessed Impeller reduces raidail bearing loads for
longer bearing life

Maximum Head 165 Ft.

Maximum Capacity 96 GPM  
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