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The cantilever pump with recessed impeller is ideal for shallow sumps with heavy duty slurries with specific gravities of up to 2.0.There are no line shaft bearings to contend with and with shafts to 7" in diameter these pumps are sized for the most severe applications and are designed to yield many years of trouble free service.

Cross Section  Agitator Pump

Unique Agitator Action
The optional agitator helps pump material from rest with minimal water content - maximizing tons/hour of solids transfer and eliminates pump downtime due to accumulation of solids at pump suction. The combination of the recessed impeller and the optional agitator is the choice of most plant operations personnel to solve their toughest pumping applications. For other pumps with agitators please visit our Agitator Pumps category


Hard Metal Construction
The pump wet end components are manufactured in various metallurgies with 28% hardened chrome iron for maximum abrasion resistance. The hard metal is superior to elastomers for handling tramp objects that often find their way into the sump

Max GPM: 1600
Max. TDH: 300

There are no seals or submerged bearings or bushings exposed to the slurry,thereby reducing downtime and operating costs.

Please vist the Cantilever Pump Data page above to see the many features of these durable pumps.  

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