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Large Family Of Products

Our self priming pumps cover a wide range sizes and speeds allowing the customer to purchase a pump that meets the exact design condition required for the job. These pumps are widely used in municipal, commercial, and industrial applications including sewage treatment plants,pump stations, fish hatcheries, food service and many other types of industries. Foot valves are not required once these pumps are started up.

Retrofits & Replacement Parts

These pumps and replacement parts are directly interchangeable with many existing units in the field today. Many of our sizes are interchangeable with existing pumps in the field including replacement parts. Our models HP3 thru HP12 can replace existing pumps with no changes in piping or performance.

Standard Features

Features that cost extra on other manufacturer's designs are now standard at no extra cost.
Every pump is tested for performance prior to leaving the plant to assure that it meets the customers requirements.

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